G. Scott Louderback Dentistry

G. Scott Louderback Dentistry

Dental Treatments


Complete Dental Solutions

Discover comprehensive dental treatments at G. Scott Louderback Dentistry in Oregon, Ohio. From restorations to cosmetic enhancements, we've got your smile covered. Change your smile and change your life. Smile more, laugh more. Become more outgoing and let people see your true personality show through your smile.

    You can change the color of your teeth to be as white as you want them.

    You can change the shape of your teeth to close spaces or restore worn and broken teeth.

    You can change the position or alignment of teeth, so they are straighter and more even.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Unlock your radiant smile and discover the transformative power of cosmetic dentistry, where every tooth becomes a work of art.

Restorative Dentistry

Rediscover the joy of a confident, healthy smile as restorative dentistry works its magic, repairing and rejuvenating your teeth for a brighter tomorrow.

Pediatric Treatments

Our pediatric dentistry combines gentle care and playful environments, ensuring your little ones embark on a dental adventure that will make them grin from ear to ear.

Orthodontic Dentistry

Embrace the journey to a perfectly aligned smile with orthodontic dentistry, where straightening your teeth becomes the key to unlocking your true confidence.

Sedation Dentistry

Experience dental bliss with sedation dentistry, where anxiety melts away, and relaxation takes over, allowing you to achieve the smile of your dreams in a state of serene tranquility.